Oblinof explore the limits of nicknames and postmodern identity constructions trough diverses newmedia practices, devoloping diferents monikers like P.C.T, Dark Caribean, Aloe Engine, among others.


Since 2007 he begins to explore electronic compositions from genres such as noise, chiptune, digitalhardcore mixing it with tribal and heavy latinamerican percusives . In 2011 he founded Tuamalanpak a netlabel based in Argentina, through which various multimedias parties were developed where exhibitions, performances, liveacts converged as well as djsets in which he was resident. 

With the passage of time the visual terrain took on more relevance from the incursion into digital art exploring concepts such as postinternet, transhumanism, cyber shamanism, virtual esotericism among others. This search enabled different opportunities to exhibit their works in various places in Argentina as well as in Spain, United States, Mexico, Costa Rica, France and Russia(1st price in the Blockchain Biennale), experiencing different media and formats such as video art, animation, 3d printing, virtual reality, livecoding, AR Filters, as well as audiovisual livesets playing in festivals like Mutek and Trimarchi among others. 

He is currently presenting his latest Ep edited via Prague based label Unizone, in DJ set format exploring the «postinternet club» concept as a way to move the feeling of hyperconection and the newmedia art composition processes towards the dance floor.


Instagram @oblinof_axyxa

Soundcloud: Oblinof